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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hawk on the farm

On Friday Gina spotted a hawk just hanging out on one of our fence posts. It was really close to John and Cecelie who were picking beans. They didn't even notice he was there! We don't know what kind it is but agree that its a good sign for the farm!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

recipes and tomatoes

As you all know I have started putting some recipes on the blog, if you have a great recipe to share with us please email to me (Mia) at

Now lets talk tomatoes, first we want you all to know that they are growing and we have some big ones but they are still green, we are hoping they will be ready to begin harvesting after the full moon.

Second, for those of you who have Tomato plants at home, here is a tip: Do not smoke around them, and if you have had a cigarette wash your hands well with soap and water before going near your plants, if not they could develop  a disease.

Third, once they are done for the season, get rid of them, do not compost!! either dry out and burn or put them out with your other garbage/yard wasted, this is also true for your potato plants.

And finally, potatoes and tomatoes should not be in the same bed/area of your garden, these plants are in the same family and spread disease and fungus to each other...

Well, I do hope that was helpful information, stay tuned for more tips, picts and recipes!!!

Saturday Market at Clark Park June 23, 2012

Peppers are starting to Pop

Now these pepper shots were taken over a week ago, but after checking the field today I think we might just have a few this week at our Saturday market at Clark Park

electric veggies

the first picture is of Gina testing our electric fence to keep our very fat n healthy ground hog out- it work!!! really good!!! it sent Gina in the air, we all laughed really hard.
The next few are of our several varieties of cucumbers followed by cukes and cauliflower and broccoli....sorry to say that ground hog ate most of them and tat those pictures are of the last of it

some field pictures

now check out this crazy huge slug we found in our wash station on tuesday

digging potatoes all day=no more potatoes til dig til fall

the following are shots I took throughout the day of the potatoes I dug up, in this area of the farm we had 3 rows. One of red and the other 2 were white, and although we had already dug some out there was a good 60-70 feet left, and i got them all out....John got out our other group of potatoes that are  blue/purple and another variety of white-sorry I don't have any pictures of his row.